Monday, December 26, 2005

On My Own

*Here is another problem when you raise a child alone* I've been bringing Nina to work since last week for the last 4 days already. Huhuhuuhu,.. this is really exhausted thing to do and also cost me 2-3 times expensive than I have to spend normally. For her milk, for extra meals, for cabs- since I can not bring her by bus.
This is what happening : She used to stay with my mom after school, but since my mother went to Mekkah on 17th, nobody available to look after her in midday. And my mother will return on next year, at the end of January 2006. This is mean that I have to take care of this problem by myself. *Great!* What I know, we dont have a Day Care here, where people can leave children there to be take care during the day. So, whatelse can I do? Whatelse can I do? *sigh*
But thank God, my nice boss did allow me to bring her with me, and actually, Nina does enjoy it in my office too. She busy herself by drawing, playing PS-2, or playing online game when there is available pc. Tired? No. She doesnt have any tired at all- she even never take a nap at home.
So now my routine are changed. I have to wait her back from school and bring her with me at work, and we come in my office around 11am - 1pm, depends with her class. Really, this is not just spend more money but also spend more energy. And this will be going untill the end of January 2006. Ouch!
Please come back safe and 'soon', Mom. I love you, I need you too!

** Book I read this week :
Trial By Fire, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Ini maok ngomongin soal tetek ... Years ago when I was younger I felt awfully amazed when I first saw a small size lady with her huge tits passed by in front of me. In that period I had never seen women with her oversized tits around and I was sure that her tits was a natural one- silicons free! As for Asian females, we normally have it small to medium sized *I call that acceptable & decent* Hahahaa. Big boobs but not too oversized is also common in Asia- just like melon size. That is what you call big, yes, but not huge! I can bet that women with big tits always have problem to find bra. Deep in my craziest mind, I do thinking that having a pair of big tits is a sin! *euh,.. Because they distracting people attention and frightening the kids?* Mengerikan!

But the internet had open my eyes wide. Soon I found out that out there- alots of stupid maniac women extremely enlarging their tits 10 times up to 20 times of they original sized! *crazy bitch*. The tits size are somehow bigger than their own body. I dont think it is possible for people to give her a big hug tight to her body, right? They're freaks! I feel exhausted already by only take a look at those giant meatballs dangling on those women chest. Euw! But atleast they safe on water- they could float! *chuckling*

Now, tell me, why the hell did those freaks do that? Isn't that very heavy??
Do they think big tits is attractive? *Ofcourse it is! Do you often seen one?*
Is it for sexual satiesfaction? *Oh, come on! It's only a matter of size, right?* It will not affected anything inside her except maybe her self satiesfaction, am I right? they proud of it!
Or is it to impressed a man? *Huuaahhaa... No! That's silly! If I was a man, I'd make sure I ran out far before she came towards me. That's horrible! I dont wanna get a nightmare! I dont wanna get injured either!* Hehehhee...

Then I start wondering, how about if those women get pregnant?? How do they look?? *sigh*

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Uncle's WC

One or two years ago I've wrote about unique traditional bathrooms I ever saw in my life. One of the craziest toilet I found in Garut in a house of my uncle which is located in a small village *What I mean with a toilet here is a water closet- where you usualy dump your sh** there* At my uncle's you could never spot the toilet in his bathroom in your first visit. You know why? because actually he never really had one. When I asked my uncle where is it, his finger pointed to a small hole in the bathroom floor (and that was not in the corner) which is only around ten centimeters from the wall, and I dropped my jaw. *Aarrggh!! Where am I??* I though that hole was supposed for the water runs out! Oh yes for that too, but it was definitely a multifunction hole! A super hole! No wonder the hole looked big enough in a bathroom floor. Ugh! I wondered if I had to do the ritual- that mean I had to bend my back with my both legs folded while finding the right position above the target hole and also had to feel the cold bathroom wall tight on my back at the same time? Ugh! Nooo..! I though uncle lost his mind, hahhahaa! I wondered what he had in mind when he built his bathroom in the begining?? Could a fat person doing it there?? So, during my two days in my uncle house, I suddenly lost the urged for needing a toilet anymore. That was my first and also my last visit to my uncle's house. Not because of the toilet- but he comes to Jakarta very often so it is not necessary to come visit him there, right? *good excuse*

On my family roadtour the other day, we all visited my uncle in Garut again for the first time in 5 years, and I started to worry again. But I was worried for nothing coz within 5 years period his house been totally changed alot! The house is pretty now and he has 2 bathrooms with 2 normal toilets! Hahhaaa! Thank God!

>** Books I read this week :
- Norman Mailer, Tough Guys Don't Dance
- Robert James Waller, The Bridges of Madison County