Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My Neighbours

This is only a list of some old times songs that I've downloaded today :

Aint No Sunshine - Bill Withers / Just A Gigolo - Louis Amstrong / My Girl - The Temptations / Stand By Me - The Temptations / Tomorrow - Nikka Costa /On My Own - Nikka Costa / Alma Matter - Morrisey / Sister Christian - Night Ranger / King Of Dreams - Deep Purple / Tonight's The Night - Rod Steward / Baby Can I hold you - Tracy Chapman / Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman / Luka - Suzanne Vega / I Have A dream - ABBA / Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel / All I want Is Everything - Def Leppard / Rapture - Debbie Harry (Blondie) / The Riddle - Nick Kershaw / Believe It Or Not - Joey Scarburry / Man Against The World - Survivor / Ever Since The World Begin - Survivor / Faithfully - Journey / Dont You Forget About Me - Simple Mind / Big Life - Night Ranger / All I need - Jack Wagner / KD Lang - Sexuality / Road of Thousand Dreams - Trixter / Oh Sherry - Steve Perry / Turn By The Clock - Johny Hates Jazz /

'kenapa yaa, kok susah buanget nyari lagunya David Gates yang judulnya Lady Valentine, sama satu lagi yang judulnya kalo gak salah Super Love dan yang nyanyi juga kalo gak salah Jimmy Castor. Hehheee, gak yakin juga sih. Gilirannya ada, gagal mulu di downloadnya. Keuheul, euy...'

Dapet link lucu2an, She's Crafty dari si Sari. Tengkyu, bu!

Today is the 3rd weeks of us here at our new place. The building itself has an L shape and we live at the short side of L right at the corner with 3 other tenants, all females and singles, they're live at the rest of long side of L. Untill now we dont know much about our neighbours except the one who live closest to us. I can not remember her name but I remember that she is working for a telecommunication company. All the same, we barely never talk- other than just a casual talks. She does look older than her age. We call her Miss Laundry because we notice that she washes her clotches EVERY evening while we know that she only lives there alone. Hhhmm,... I wonder how many times in one day does she chance her clotches? Or is she running a small laundry? hehee..

The girl who live next to her is still study somewhere nearby. She's the youngest among us. I only met her one time on the street outside in one evening. And that was far from the light, so dont ask me how does she look like. It was too dark to see clearly. I give her a nickname too. Miss Busy. Because she used to go back veeeeery late carry her big bag and a lot of stuff. Everytime I could only see her silhoutte went to her door.

And the last one is Miss invisible. Never seen her at all since we moved here. She's working in a bank, the owner of this place told me that. She never has a regular time on this place. She also used to go back very late everyday, and sometimes often never go back at all. I could only notice that she was around by her parfum, I never seen her face, even that I never seen her silhoutte too. Kind of night bird.

Well,... they all my neighbours now. Better be like this- good for all.
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