Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Another Ordinary Tuesday

Hey, I was awake around 2.30 in the morning and it was hard raining outside. I don't know when the rain was started 'cause we slept early lastnight at 11 o'clock. We've been staying at my cousin's at Kelapa gading since thursday last week. Not so much to tell. Only that we all bore for days and broke too. Comprenez? I feel myself so dumb. No questions, please. And later when we woke up again around 9, we found a 'river' moved right outside the house. Ha! Flood! Nothing more special than this to complete the boredom we have. Do we need a swimsuit or not? *sigh*

Tomorrow will be the, no- i correct it, today is the last day of the year 2003. This supposed to be a special moment but it won't. No celebrations, no plans, nothing so far. What a dull moment I have this year! Yeah, I make it dull myself.
Hhhm, Not true. I also have some happiness in my other side. It is true. *and they're side by side, huh?*

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

This Noise Drive Me Crazy!

It is hardly to sleep when your neighbour right at your nextdoor is trying to break their walls down. Oh yes, they rebuilding their house to something maybe more nice and bigger. Its been 3 days already, I think. Boom! Boom! Boom! Put a pillow in your ears is not helping. You still can hear the worker men banging the walls. It is still 8 in the morning. I still want to continue my sleep at least for half hour longer before I really wake up to wash myself, and then go to my work. The noises really driving me crazy. * Help,...

We're still having a problem with this stupid internet connection! again! Everything is veeeeery slooow..... too slow untill we could falling asleep only to get this stupid "page can not be displayed" as a result everytime we try to open a site. It is really irritating me. With a little bit luck some sites can be opened but normally they don't! Even that I did try to post this posting many times! * Awful *
And this morning Raymond is coming with me to my work. He has been grounded for 2 days already ( hhuehheehheh!! ), so I am hoping that at least he will not so boring anymore though the internet connection is very bad.

So now, I better stop. *huah! I'm sleepy again*

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Ordinary Tuesday

I woke up early this morning. Ow,.. strange* what kind of pill did I take lastnight? What a fresh air! I'm not often breath the morning air. It was good, and Nina could come to school on time. That's great. I shall start to do this everyday by now. Come On! Dont be such a lazy kitten you old lady...
Guess what i've been thinking for the last three days? (I don't think you can,... & I don't think you care. Right? Right.)
All that I can say is "Poor Me".
But this moment I'm sooo hungryy!! * I think I can eat an elephant. LOL!

However when a person like to have an eye on celebrity's profile (phisicly) in details- get obssesed with them, they gladly show us about the stupid Plastic Surgery those celebs ever done. A web with interesting subject.
Hhmmm. Need a cosmetic plastic surgery? Think again!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Gak Penting

Bruce has sent me this Letter to Santa yesterday.
That was really,......... was really a stupid letter to write, but was really funny!!

I did read of this Bad Hair Day. And this is what I call a good nice Journal. With simply layout, very neat, and using only two strong colors for background. She wrote her journal in English with easy sentences so everything that she described is easy to understand it word by word. And everything (too many and complete) is noted and written carefully by the owner. In amusing way too. She kept me stuck there in her journal only to finish the rest of her family stories- even to her pet stories, at my own will. Damn!
She definetely knows how to write.

Care to read the articles of How to Start A Porn Company ?? Or just skip it.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Sick News From Around the World

Everyday I have rituals to surf the internet only to search and read the news, especially for the unsual news (LOL) from all over the world. Yes, ofcourse for my own curiosity and pleasure. And today I found this interesting Classic Nude website about Striptease and Bellydancers from old times. Those very old photos. All photos are still in black and white. Also an excellent website about a house built in the style of a Led-Zeppelin- album-cover Hobbit House.

OK. But still sometimes I can not believe that this "sad" but "sick" things actually happened somewhere on the world,.... like in this news below.

Missing boy found with mother's corpse :
December 6, 2003

South Korean teachers who broke into the house of a student who had missed class for six months found the 15-year-old boy living next to his dead mother's badly decomposed remains, police said yesterday. The boy, identified only by his surname Song, had been absent from school for more than six months and lived on rice delivered to his home under the government's welfare program, the police said. He did not report the death of his mother, a 45-year-old widow who died on June 4, police said. "The boy later said he didn't want to show his dead mother to anyone," said an officer at the police station in Ichon, a small satellite city west of the capital Seoul. The police officer said the woman, who suffered from diabetes, apparently died of her illness. Authorities would conduct an autopsy on her skeletal remains, he said. Two teachers from Song's school broke into the house yesterday. They found the boy inside and the electricity and gas had long been cut off. "One of the teachers had visited the house last month but did not realise what had happened inside, although the teacher noticed a bad smell and mold," said the officer. Police said the boy was long a frequent truant, often citing his mother's illness. This had lead to the long delay in checking the house. Song is being cared for by one of his teachers, the officer said.

Girl, 10, locked in cell for years by parents :
November 28, 2003

A 10-year-old girl in southern China has been rescued after being locked up alone for four years in a dark cell built by her parents, a news report said yesterday. The girl was discovered locked up in the four-metre-square shed in Jiangmen, Guangdong province, with no windows and only a few holes for ventilation in its metal door. Her parents and older sister meanwhile lived comfortably in a nearby three-storey house, according to the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily. The girl's parents, who run a liquor distillery, wanted a male heir and were disappointed when a second daughter was born, the newspaper said. The girl was small for her age and talked little and her parents said they had not sent her to school because she was "stupid" and would be a "burden to teachers". The mother said she planned to keep her daughter locked up until her condition improved. The local Women's Federation is now considering taking legal action against the parents

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Lebaran dan Diskon

Lebaran & Moment Belanja Serba Diskon

Nggak terasa ya? Besok sudah lebaran! Dan gue sudah berhari-hari nggak nangkringin komputer. Mana sempaaaat,....... kan lagi musimnya belanja!. Bukannya karena harus punya baju lebaran, tapi karena mumpung pada moment2 inilah saatnya kita punya kesempatan belanja segala macem dengan harga murah. Penting atau nggak penting, mumpung harga2 banyak di diskon besar2an rasanya gatel banget kalo nggak dibeli. Dalam dua minggu terakhir ini gue dapet 1 celana jeans tujuh perdelapan, 2 celana panjang katun, 5 atasan katun dan kaus, 1/2 lusin underpant dan bra, 2 pasang sandal cantik, 1 buah gesper, 2 pasang gaun Nina, 1 pasang sepatu Nina, 1 buah celana Jeans Remon, 1 buah T-shirt Remon, 2 buah CD, 3 buah kaset. Belum terhitung kue2 kering dalam toples yang gue beli buat sendiri ataupun buat hantaran. Rasanya segala macem ingin dibeli. Sayangnya gue belum menemukan model tas yang gue cari. Tapi rasanya gue nggak perlu khawatir,.... bulan depan masih ada moment Natal kok! Iya kan?

Thursday, November 20, 2003

November Rain

Bulan Krisis Taksi di Ja(botabek?)karta *

Kayaknya hari ini ada gejala2 maok hujan lagi. Setidaknya mungkin nanti sore. Dari tadi pagi langit memang sudah keliatan "anyeup", man! Alamat bakal sengsara lagi nyari taksi, nih! Bulan ini taksi kosong susah dicari dan seringnya nggak bisa di-order via telpon lagi. Hujan atau pun tidak hujan sama saja.
Tadi pagi gue perlu nunggu 10 menit buat dapat taksi kosong.
Pulang kemarin gue turun setengah empat sore, dan baru dapat taksi jam empat kurang lima. Kalau saja telat lima menit pasti gue kebagian hujan yg tiba2 aja turun lagi dgn derasnya. Bad- but I was lucky.
Gue inget, yang paling sengsara itu hari Minggu sore kemarin. Sama Remon dan Nina kita tunggu taksi di jalan dekat ke pertigaan antara Ps Mayestik- Radio Dalam- Jalan Lauser. Lima belas menit kita berdiri disitu. Saat itu traffic memang padat total. Kesal, kita jalan pelan2 menuju pasar burung barito dan berdiri menunggu lagi sepuluh menit disana. Tidak ada hasil, kita jalan lagi pelan2 dan menunggu persis di pojok jalan Barito didepan bakmie Akoen. Sepuluh menit berdiri disitu hasilnya sama saja. Zero. Kesal2 akhirnya gue nawar bajaj kosong yang kebetulan lewat ke BlokM Plaza. Dari lobby BlokM Plaza baru kita dapat taksi. Kesel nggak sih? Hanya untuk mencari SATU taksi kosong diperlukan "sedikit" jalan2 setengah jam lebih! Gawat nih Jakarta,...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Saat Hujan

--------------------- English Top 10 Funny Store Signs : ---------------------------------

1. Outside a muffler shop: "No appointment necessary, we hear you coming."
2. Outside a hotel: "Help! We need inn-experienced people."
3. On a desk in a reception room: "We shoot every 3rd salesman , and the 2nd one just left."
4. In a veterinarians waiting room: "Be back in 5 minutes, Sit ! Stay!"
5. At the electric company: "We would be de-lighted if you send in your bill. However, if you don't you will be."
6. On the door of a computer store: "Out for a quick byte."
7. In a restaurant window: "Don't stand there and be hungry, come on in and get fed up."
8. Inside a bowling alley: "Please be quiet, we need to hear a pin drop."
9. In the front yard of a funeral home: "Drive carefully, we'll wait."
10.In a counselors office: "Growing old is mandatory, growing wise is optional."


Hari ini gue lagi kurang kegiatan. Diluar hujannya deras banget. Dingin pak! Seandainya aja nggak puasa, kayaknya makan Bakwan Malang sama minum teh manis hangat- enak deh. Iya nggak? Hhh.... ngayal nih. Bisa2 malah jadi bikin batal. Ya udah deh, mendingan cari2 artikel aneh biar nggak ngantuk!
Ada nih, artikel 'lucu'. Kebayang nggak, punya suami nggak pernah mandi? Kok bisa ya tuh laki2? Makanya tuh wahai perempuan2 sekalian,.... rajin2lah mengendusi aroma tubuh pacar. Bau apa enggak? Kalaupun harum, yakini dulu itu bukan bauk keringat yang ketutupan parfum! LOL!

Kemaren jalan2 ke Sabang. Yah, maklum udah lama nggak lewat situ. Terjebak hujan deras selesai beli kaset di Duta Suara. Padahal parkirnya jauh tenan di ujung jalan sebelah sana. Lagipula tumben2nya nggak ada ojek payung sama sekali. Aneh deh! Biasanya baru hujan sedikit, bocah2 kecil dengan payung2 mereka yang beberapa kali nyaris mencolok mata gue sudah banyak berkeliaran. But it didn't matter, karena kebetulan sudah setengah enam sore, kita lari ngibrit menyeberangi jalan dan masuk ke Natrabu untuk berteduh sekaligus menanti saat berbuka.
Ya basah, ofcourse..... I dont care. *grumbling*
*Stuff I bought yesterday :
- Long Pants, brown colour (169.000)
- Cassette : The Best of Deep Purple (44.000)- Matchbox20 (22.000)- Indonesia Compilation, Super Group (20.000)

Monday, November 10, 2003

Tidur dan Mendengkur

Parah nih. Gue mendengar suara orang mendengkur di kamar pas (red* ruang sholat), mula2 samar, lama kelamaan nyaring dikuping. Ternyata si Bima. Wah, ini mah lebih parah dari gue. Kasian deh yang jadi istrinya besok2. Sayang banget nggak ada cam. Kalo ada tampangnya lucu juga buat gue dokumentasikan disini. LOL.

Gue nggak habis pikir, kenapa siklus hidup gue terbalik dibanding orang2 pada umumnya ya? Di hari terang gue mudah ngantuk, di hari gelap gue tahan melotot. Hhhuueee,... bisa2 sebentar lagi gue numbuh taring dan ikut melolong tiap bulan purnama! Tapi bicara problem tidur gue = persis bicara problem berat badan gue, yang dari jaman gue ingusan sampai detik ini nggak pernah lebih dari 48kg* (I'm 160, 43 kgs now). Umumnya orang2 beranggapan gue kurang makan, bahkan beranggapan gue nggak suka makan. Dan hanya mereka yg benar2 dekat dengan gue lah yang tauk betapa 'rakus'nya gue dengan makanan (anything but cookies). Bisa dibilang mungkin ini salah satu hobby gue yang lain selain tidur, nonton, dan baca buku ya?
Barangkali gue memang sudah dikutuk buat sulit tidur dan sulit gemuk nih......
* ( the moment I gave birth. Very ridiculous, right?)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Ordinary Day

Today....... was my laundry day!
I did not believe I had so many dirty clothes. Did I wear that much this week?

Ih. Cukup lama ya gue nggak nge-post? Terakhir ya hari Kamis kemaren. Huh, boro2 maok nangkringin komputer, bangun aja rasanya maleeesss, banget! Hari Jum'at kemaren gue sengaja makan sahur setengah satu pagi, maksudnya biar langsung tidur dan nggak perlu bangun jam tiga pagi segala. Ternyata, meski gue sudah berbaring memejamkan mata- gue nggak juga bisa tidur. Gue lirik jam di tembok. Haa? Jam tiga kurang lima belas menit? Cailleee,.... buang2 waktu banget deh. Akhirnya gue bangun lagi, bikin indomie. Sampai setengah empat pagi gue belum juga merasa ngantuk. Pas subuh, gue sholat. Nah, antara setengah lima sampai jam lima, baru deh mata terasa berat. Tapi buat gue jam segini sudah terlalu tanggung buat tidur. Bisa2 nanti malah nggak bangun & Nina jadi ikut bolos sekolah, dong! Jadi selanjutnya gue memaksakan diri pasang film, berusaha nonton sampai jam enam pagi lalu mandi, bangunin Nina, mengantarnya ke sekolah, dan terakhir langsung berangkat ke kantor. Badan gue rasanya melayang deh. Sampai di kantor masih pagi, sekitar jam delapan seperempat. Yang lucu, gue tertidur bertelungkup muka di meja gue tanpa ada yang maok repot2 bangunin gue! Sampai jam setengah sebelas siang! Heran,.... ini yang geblek gue apa anak2 sih? Terlalu bener!

Masih hari Jum'at itu, pulang gawe buka puasa diluar sama temen, pulangnya jemput Nina dulu dirumah mami. Tapi malam itu Nina nggak maok ngikut gue balik. Ya udah, good, gue tinggal dia disana. Sampai di kontrakan, selesai beres2 gue rebah2an saja di tempat tidur. Itu sekitar jam sepuluh malam. Guess what? Disaat gue bangun, sudah hari berikutnya, Sabtu, jam setengah dua siang! Alamaaak,.... bales dendam apa gimana ya? Gue kok tidur kayak batu begitu sih?

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Sebagai "Regular Customer" angkutan kota di Jakarta, gue mengamati bahwa kalangan pengamen bus kota juga memiliki trend-nya tersendiri. Khususnya di kalangan pengamen cilik dan perempuan. Kenapa gue sebut 'Trend'?

Belakangan2 ini beberapa kali gue menemukan pengamen cilik/perempuan yang sebelum 'tampil' akan terlebih dahulu membagikan amplop kosong ke pangkuan penumpang mulai dari penumpang bangku terdepan sampai bangku belakang. Di amplop itu, dengan variasi tulisan yang mereka buat sebaik mungkin tertulis ; 'Kepada bapak2/Ibu2/Kakak2 penumpang bis kota yang terhormat, mohon bantuannya untuk biaya saya sekolah (atau untuk beli susu, biaya berobat orangtua saya, etc). Terima kasih" Yah, kira2 seperti itulah! Nggak ada lho, yang minta buat jajan atau lebaran. LOL. Kadang dibelakang amplop pun perlu mereka berikan sedikit catatan ; "Mohon jangan di-lem".
Dan show mereka mulai setelah amplop dibagikan dan amplop akan kembali ditarik segera setelah show mereka yang begitu mencekam pendengaran penumpang berakhir. Dan sepertinya penumpang pun kembali terlihat bernapas lega, hidup normal, dan bahagia lagi.
Lucu. Jadi bingung kan, kalo maok kasih recehan ala kadarnya? Masak hanya ingin kasih uang receh perlu dimasukan kedalam amplop segala? Yang ada malah gue nggak jadi ngasih.
Coba, dari mana tuh idenya? Ter-inspirasi dari mereka yang biasa meminta sumbangan amal jaariyah untuk yatim piatu atau pembangunan masjid kah? Ada ada aja ya, orang usaha....

Monday, November 03, 2003

Another Sleepy Days

About fasting at work,
'Today we're reaching the 8th day of fasting, still 21 days to go. You see, I just started fasting last Friday, so today was my 4th days. Laper mah enggak,... aus juga enggak. Biarpun gue termasuknya rakus, nahan laper mah ganciiilll. Tapi ngantuknya itu lho,..... hhuuwwaddduuh,.... biarpun habis wudlu, selesai sholat pun tetep.... Tetep ngantuk. Rasanya malah jadi semakin merindukan kehadiran bantal guling dan kasur. Bisa2nya deh, sampai kepala tertunduk-tunduk didepan komputer. Bukannya lagi khusyuk kerjanya, mas... ini asli ketiduran. Sadar2nya saat tiba2 kepala terhentak membentur meja sendiri. Kalo nggak ada yang perhatiin sih nggak apa2,... kalau kebetulan ada yang ngeliat, ya nyengir aja deh.... moga2 dia maklum. Dan biasanya kalo ngantuk udah kenceng begini, godaannya lain lagi. I'm dying for some cigarettes! I missed my cigarette. Huh.*scream*
Oke, I tell you what I want. Right at this moment I need either my bed or my cigarette!
So what kind of possiblity will I get?
A Cigarette? No. That is definitely will break my fasting.
A bed? Hell, No. Where? did you see any bed here?
But a chance of taking a little nap there in a small room at the corner is possible right? Right?
(* so, gue ngacir juga ke pojokan ruangan....catch you later!)

Sahur pagi ini,
Tadi pagi gue sahur pake NASI UDUK dan PECEL LELE yang gue beli semalam. Nasinya sudah dingin, ikannya juga sudah dingin dan nggak kriyuk2 lagi. Coba bayangkan wangi dan rasa pecel lele yang fresh from kompor. Aahh,... nikmat ya? Ya tapi gitu deh, karena buat makan sahur dan nggak ada magic jar buat menghangatkan nasi, ya sudah gue makan lele dan nasi dingin. Biar nikmatnya kurang, tapi rasanya tetep enak kok. Minumnya NESCAFE CREAM pake es batu dan sebagai penutupnya, ofcourse'laah.... ROKOK dong. Alhamdulillaaah,...

Thursday, October 30, 2003


weather '....eeuuhhmm,... I never celebrate any Halloweens, but I'd like to say hAppY hAllOwEEn to you all, who celebrate it.'
But what is this Halloween? Halloween is originated from several customs, the earliest of which dates back to Ireland in the fifth century B.C. As we know it today, the Oct. 31 celebration is a fun way to dress up and frightening people in sometimes scary costumes. Nowadays some people have tradition to celebrate it every year.
(* baca di msn, nih. Hiikss!)
so, TRICK OR TREAT! have fun pals! enjoy it.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

About Kamar Kost

Small Note about the Place I live |
Now I rent a small place belongs to a family which is built seperate to the main house, with my door facing their kitchen so close. If I say close, that mean really close. You can just stand on my door way- reach out your hand and you will touch their kitchen window. It is true. So I could only shout everytime I talk to people on the kitchen. Easy, right? I could "follow" all the activities on the kitchen even that I didn't want to. I know what they were cooked. Only by smelling and hearing without open my door. Isn't this great? Hheehhee,....
I remember the time of me, my bro's, my sis used to live at my parent's house together. I was the one who used to stand up untill 2 or 3 in the morning (*still is until now,...), where the rest of my family normally used to sleep early around 9 or 10 (11 is a max.). Ridiculous, huh? So this is sets on my brain about the average time of a family usually goes to sleep. This the standard time to rest. But here on this house, I think I live with a Vamp family from Count Dracula's descent. LOL. This landlord family's Rush Hour usualy after 10 pm to 3 or 4 in the morning. And back at the time we still lived at my parent's, came home late around 1 or 2 am were normal. But this family's member, I could hear them cooked- sang- discussed- or went out at 2 or 3 in the morning the same like in a day time. I found this odd, but this suit me anyway.
If you hard to sleep at night like me, you'll be glad to hear people still talking or cooking in the morning around you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Uji Nyali di TV

My favorite Show this evening, "Uji Nyali", 22.00 on TransTV. Seru, Jack. I usually try (HAVE) to be home before the show. Oke, maybe you haven't seen this show, I'll tell you it is some kind of mental test. This TV crew will challenge one dare person to stay in a 'spooky' place from midnight 'till dawn, alone- offcourse. The TV crew have installed some cams and microphones around the spot to record all the activities during the time. When all's set, they will left the person there. * Please, dont pick me.
Believe it or not, from what they got on film taped I saw things happened during the tests. Orbs, shadows, mist, human siluets, or leaves moved by themselves. Yeah, yet not so convincing.... but at one episode of 2 weeks ago,.... hhuuhh,... that was really spooky when an old woman with a long white dress and a long straight hair cover her face suddenly appeared at the end of tunel where this challenge documented. Ppfff,....!! Then I became to like this a lot.

Btw, I read this old article about blair witch project and I kind of absorbed to this article. A true legend from a small village called Burkittsville, Maryland, with those unexplained things behind this interesting story.

Right. I got to admit that I'm a little obssesed to the unexplained things, misteries, or spooky things. They give me the creep. Ghost, spirits, evils, or whatever people may call them, I believe that they do exist, thought I have never confronted them myself. *Wow, I hope never....

Monday, October 27, 2003

Ordinary Day

it is not over untill it is over!!

Finally I'm back again to this desk. I did not work on Monday, and I did not work too yesterday. Well actually I did come to work yesterday though I was not feel well, but I did back again one hour after I came in. LOL. Do you know why? Only because I was insulted to what Robert said to Lina about my absence on Monday. He did not believe that I was really ill! Yeah I did not see the doctor, I did not think I needed doctor yet, so what? Does he think that I made off from stone? Can not be ill? I was ill and I was sick of his accused. So then I left the office. That simple.

Btw, I've got a fever started on Sunday. We were played card again on Saturday evening to Sunday morning. Me, Sisi, Dede, Wiwit, and Teddy. While we still can play, LOL, next week its ramadhan already pak! Dasar Penjahat. Heehehehee,... There will be no chance to play card during ramadhan, right? And yes, on the nextday (sunday) I started to get a little fever. But today I feel fine, though I'm not sure how is my mood today.


stupid quote | " Everyone has a photographic memory
...................................some just don't have any film."

Today was actually day off, but did come instead. Hhhmm. You see, I don't need any holiday even only for one day. Sunday is enough for me. Why? Cause I need to keep my mind busy all the time or I go nuts, And stay at home would obviously only getting me cradle back on my bed again and then starting to day dreams. That is not wise. All I want to do now is to get rid of my ******* dreams.

Guess what, It was only me who were there at work though it was already 11.15 am. Offcourse, today was one day off. But 2 hours later Yuni came also. Hhhhmmm. I supposed she also needed to keep herself busy too. Hahahaa!! So relieving to know that I wasn't the only one who need to be busy.

Speak of day off, today was the first day of fasting season for moslem. But unfortunately I couldn't fasting today, and I guessed this would go for the next 4 days. THE RED LIGHT. Damn! I had lost the joy of this Ramadhan.
.......... wasn't too surprising, huh? I've lost a lot of things!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Nggak Boleh Bohong! Hahhaa ..

Hari Minggu ini bangun jam 10.15. Aduh! Padahal rencananya pengen ke Tanah Kusir pagi2. Bego. Udah hari gini mah panas dan pastinya udah padat orang disana (Menjelang Ramadhan kaum muslim punya tradisi buat melayat ke makam keluarga dan kerabat sebelum menjalani puasa). Sebenarnya sih agak malas juga kalo pergi cuma sama Nina, tapi keluarga udah dari minggu lalu kesana. Jadi kalo tidak hari ini, besok pun belum tentu gua bisa kesana. Apa hari Senin aja ya? *talk to myself*

Malamnya makan di Pulo Dua (lagi) sama Key, Ida, 'n Meya. A late celebration for Meya's birthday. Karena nggak sempet cari2 kado, tapi pengen ngasih, akhirnya gue bungkus aja salah satu frame photo lucu punya Nina (belum terpakai) yang dia dapet dari temannya waktu ia ulang tahun Agustus lalu. Sebetulnya gue nggak berniat bawa si Nina, tapi berhubung nggak ada yang bisa babysit Nina akhirnya dia gue bawa juga.  Anaknya seneng bangeeet .. sudah tentu!

Nah! Ini dia awal 'tengsin' dimulai. Gara2 gue nggak minta ijin sama Nina sebelumnya & dipicu si Meya yang nggak sabar buka kadonya teriak, "Aann,... kadonya gue buka ya!". Saat itu gue kebetulan masih diseberang jalan sama Nina. Gua ajak nina ke toilet dan langsung gue bisikin pelan2, "Nina, kado ultah buat tante Meya itu isinya hadiah ultah Nina dari Rizki waktu itu. Nggak apa2 ya? Kan nggak pernah Nina pake. Nanti Nina mami beliin lagi.... Tapi jangan ngomong apa2 sama tante Meya ya? Nggak usah bilang2 itu kado dari Rizky buat Nina. Oke?". *Oh God forgive me, ini namanya ngajarin anak ngebohong*. Nina ngangguk. Jelas dia nggak keberatan kalo kadonya dikasihkan Meya. Syukur deh.

Balik ke meja cuma ada Meya duduk disitu sambil buka kado. Lagi2 Meya ngomong, "Ih, lucu! Ini pasti Nina ya yang milih? Iya kan?" Wah... kacau. Nina duduk diam dibangkunya dengan pandangan aneh. *Please say yes Ninaa*  Lagi2 si Meya pake merasa perlu ngulangin pertanyaannya segala. Nina masih diam dengan pandangan aneh. Sebentar melihat kearah gue, sebentar melihat kearah Meya, seolah-olah lagi mikir  'Ngomong apa enggak ya?'. AAARRGGHH....!! Gawat deh! Padahal gue udah agak2 melotot sambil sedikit kedip2 kasih kode. Dan bener juga tuh, akhirnya kejadian juga, dia bangun lalu bisik2 dikuping gue dengan suara yang 'tidak bisik2', alias bisa jelas2 didengar sama Meya diseberang meja, "Mami, tante Meya nggak tauk ya? Itukan kado Nina dari Rizky, jadi kan bukan Nina yang milih ya?". Aduh malunya maaakk,..... Kepala gue rasanya sampe keluar asap. Tengsin to the max! Meya ketawa ngakak. Maok nggak maok akhirnya gue jelasin juga ke si Meya. Hhhh,..... Masih untung Key dan Ida nggak lagi ada disitu!
Naifnya si cintaku sayangku! Udah dipesenin masih aja keceplosan!

This is another lesson for me : Never tell lies to children, but what more important : Never teach them to lie, or you'll be the one who gets into trouble!

Friday, October 24, 2003


15. 40 : Si Boss keluar kantor nih. * y i i h a a a !! Eh, tapi entah dia balik lagi apa enggak gue nggak tauk. There are some pastries left on his desk. They look yummy. Biasanya sih gue dibagi nih. Hhhmm. Gue sikat apa enggak yaa... ?? Tapi nanti kalo tauk2 dia balik lagi trus nyariin pastry-nya gimana dong??
............................. *dapet ide* Tunjuk si Djali & Robert aja ya? Heheee...

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Nothing Special

Look whos coming today? Wiwit, and with all her bags hanging over her hands and shoulder. I dont understand why she always appears like that. Bring a lot of bags as if she is selling stuff. Weird. Sering gue ledek, kenapa juga nggak sekalian bawa lemarinya? kamarnya kalo perlu. I'm sure everything you need are there in one of her bags. Huuehheehee.... and then she gave her CV. Curhat sebentar, then gone again.

Tadi pagi ini lucu. Udah dijalan lumayan jauh gue tiba2 inget rokok ketinggalan. Yah, balik lagi deh ke rumah- abis itu langsung jalan lagi. Di bis sebelum keneknya mintain ongkos gue sibuk cari2 dompet tanpa hasil. Tapi ada dua lembar ribuan dan recehan di saku tas. Gue kasih kenek seribu sambil langsung minta stop. Gue turun lagi. Goblok ya! Dompet gue masih di saku celana jeans yang gue gantung dibelakang pintu! Rokok yang bisa dibeli lagi bisa2nya gue inget, dompet malah ketinggalan! Niatnya naik bis maok ngirit akhirnya gue setopin taksi juga, balik ke rumah sekalian buat nanti langsung berangkat lagi. Dan dikamar gue juga baru nyadar kalo HP pun ketinggalan dimeja. Bah!

14.25 I skipped my breakfast this morning and now I missed my lunch too. Huh. Seperti biasa, nggak ngarti enaknya makan apaan. Warteg? Soto? Pecel Lele? Padang? Semua gitu-gitu aja. Bosen. Hhhmm,.. apaan yaaa?
Anyway, The cat is away and the mice is playing! I've been busy reading this blog and this blog. Interesting blog. Huuehheehee....

Friday, October 17, 2003

At work

Edy came this morning to ask for my reference. He used to be one of the employee at my work. Guess what? He brought me some bananas! Can you believe this?? I'm insulted. Dia kira gue monyet kali ya? Hehheehehhee,... Emang dasar aneh itu anak. But anyway, I missed the moment we worked together. He used to be funny, noisy, but friendly.

Dengan sedikit 'terpaksa', abis gue bosen juga sih ngeliatnya, gue coba ngerapiin sedikit web Alumni. Lagian juga nggak ada berita dan kabar baru. Kan males lhooo.... maok diapain? Besides, they never participating enough, so dont counting on me, okey?

Thursday, October 16, 2003


Hari ini gue maleeesss...............
Lagi nggak gitu semangat dari pagi. Bawaannya lemes & ngantuk abis. Wah! Jangan-jangan gue kurang vitamin nih! Perasaan sih yang udah jelas gue kurang kasih sayang,..... cailee. Hari ini gue ngantor 'asal' dan 'alakadar'nya banget. I've been sitting on this chair with work waiting to be done but all I care is tryng to lay this head on my desk whenever it is possible. Gee, I wished I was in my bed now...
Wiwit called me only to know about my plan for this weekend. Gila kali yaa, it is only wednesday and she asked me what is my plan for weekend? I have'nt dream about weekend yet! Oh well but then I knew that she only wanted to play card again with me. From midday to the next morning. Huh. Maen kartu aja masak pake rencana segala sih?

17. 40 Bought a new movie, UnderWorld. Looks cool. But really it is cool.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Normal Day

How nice,.... woke up late and went straight to my work because Nina was stayed with Mom lastnight. What a peaceful evening yesterday. Tapi hari ini maaaak, masih pagi kerjaan udah numpuk aja. Udah gitu gue kurang paham gimana cara ngerjainnya. I'm not used to work with that program. Bah.

What's the time?
Seems it's already morning.
I see the sky, it's so beautiful and blue.
The tv's on but the only thing showing
is a picture of you.

Oh I get up and make myself some coffee.
I try to read a bit but the story's too thin.
I thank the Lord above
you're not here to see me in this shape I'm in.

Spending my time,
watching the days go by.
Feeling so small,
I stare at the wall,
hoping that you think of me too.
I'm spending my time.

I try to call but I don't know what to tell you.
I leave a kiss on your answering machine.
Oh help me please,
is there someone who can make me
wake up from this dream?


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Selamat Pagi!

... and I can't fight this feeling anymore,...
'selamat pagi Jakartaaa,.........' geblek, hari ini bangun jam 8 kurang. Padahal si Nina masuk 07.30. hhueheehee,... kacau deh gue! but I feel great today. I dropped her at her school around 08.35. Shame on me!
I had Bubur ayam as my breakfast and later I got constipation. Pengen p o o p ..... Perut gue emang nggak bisa diajak kompromi ya?
And btw, I found this web. Dutch are crazy.

He called again two times today. In the morning and in the midday. I think that he's still the same person I love, a person whose the picture hanging in my bedroom wall. But God, how it is difficult now to make conversations with him except to say hi- how is he doing- how's the job. That's all. I always feel that I have nothing to tell, and even if I have casual things to tell I'm sure it is not necessary to tell him. Belum tentu dia 'connected' to hal2 yang gue ceritain. nanti malah bingung...

Btw, there are three bedrooms to rent upstairs. This evening there are two guys moving in. New tenants. So it is only one room left now. I'm glad. Finally, there will be more people and more noises here,... Good.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Routine Stuff

so at last, back again to work. Back to my routine's life. Fine. Got a same old weekend anyway. But I did cut my hair short, sent my back luck away. LOL. Right, and hoped this will worked, huh?

10.25 : He called! hhhmm, yeeess..! *still not sure* did I day dream again? One thing weird today, there are flies flying around in this room! they're big! disgushting,.... ngeselin banget. Yuck!
15.05 : He called again (huh?) Supposed this making me happier, at least comforting instead of making me nervous.... help*

today's joke sent by Bruce |
QUIET SEX : Tired of a listless sex life, the man came right out and asked his wife during a recent lovemaking session, "How come you never tell me when you have an orgasm?" She glanced at him casually and replied, "You're never home!"
LOUD SEX : A wife went in to see a therapist and said, "I've got a big problem, doctor. Every time we're in bed and my husband climaxes, he lets out this ear
splitting yell." "My dear," the shrink said, "that's completely natural. I don't see
what the problem is." "The problem is," she complained, "It wakes me up!"

Friday, October 10, 2003

Posting Gak Jelas

As usual, being the first person came in office. Hahahaa... should changing my job with Lina. Nothing interesting me today. Having not so much works to do. Only putting more sentences to this blog and editing the webpage. Djali came in 10 minutes later. This is end of week, right? Yess! Sleeping days.....

joke of the day |
A brunette, redhead, and a blonde are talking when the brunette says,"I was looking through my daughters purse and I found cigarettes. I didn't even know that she smoked."
The redhead then says, "Well I was looking through my daughters purse and I found a joint. I didn't even know she did drugs."
Lastly, the blonde says, "Well I was looking through my daughters purse and I found condoms. I didn't even know that she had a dick!"
..... Huueehheehhee.....

gile nih, tiba-tiba aja mendung berat! Udah jelas gejala maok ujan gede nih. Oh God,... I left my umbrella home (why did I forget this?). Mendung aja mah oke,... but don't rain, please.... It will be difficult to find a cab. Oh, nooo... IT IS raining already. *c r y* Raymond, hurry come and pick me here.

Nonton acara TV mengenai revisi KUHP tindak pidana kesusilaan. Rese. Pengen tauk, tapi yang ada jadi sebel sendiri dengernya. Ya gue matiin aja TV nya.....
Imagine- if the goverment trying to mess up with your privacy life, concerning the status of relationship between a couple. Living together and even to expose selling condoms can sent you to jail! Funny. Now they trying to control the citizen's sex life? As if the goverment has no other priorities for something more serious than to this personal's matters. Send the rapist and the irresponsible men to to jail are fine. But not to people's privacy. Right?

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Another Day to Live

Selamat pagiii,...... think that this gonna be another good day today. Plenty of works remain to do. No special plan for this evening. I wondering why he has not call me for one week. Inilah, gara-gara handphone gue mati jadi susah komunikasi, man. BT nih. Now it is hardly to keep hoping that he will back again tomorrow, cause I dont wanna die with hope in my heart.

I was still awake untill 02.30 am in the morning. Menyebalkan. Gue sampe udah nggak ngarti lagi maok ngapain. Just laid there in my bed, eyes closed, but could not sleep. I'm weird. Why should I through this every night? Sleep only for 3 or 4 hours a day? Please help,... how I wished him here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Semangat, Yuk!

Ribet. Work and work and more works since morning. Heeii,... is he trying to kill me or what? So why there are always some changes here and there everytime I almost done? Thank you,... thank you,.... you're very nice, boss.

It was sunny this morning, and now it is very dark outside. I'm sure it's gonna be rain soon. Oh! I hope the rain won't fall before I get home. Udah nggak lucu lagi kan kalo gue maenan ujan kayak anak sekolah?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Gitu Deh

Hope this gonna be a good day today
Mak! Ngantuuuk,... banget. Kenapa ya gue? Came to office early and found that I was the first person came this morning. Great. Put my bag on my desk. Turned the PC on. Made myself a coffee milk and lit a cigarette. Pppfff... nice. I stepped outside again, leaned on the wall with a cigarette on my finger. It is a quite morning. I still feel asleep though I got my coffee already. How is so difficult to keep my eyes open. Help. I missed him a lot, and think of how nice it'd be to fall asleep in his arms. Wake up, girl!
joke of the day sent by Howard
A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around
with a fly swatter.
wife : "What are you doing?".
husband : "Hunting Flies" He responded.
wife : "Oh? Killing any?".
husband : "Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,".
Intrigued, the wife asked : "How can you tell?"
Husband : "3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone. "
................. huh. Not so funny

With Nina, Tetytu, Eric, and Akmal. Pepperoni Beef Pizza for diner. Spent one and half hour at the bookstore only to wish that I could buy one. Not because expensive, but because I'm poor. Ha! When did the last time I buy a novel? 4 0r 5 months ago? Terlalu,...
This guy Emon, my house mate, surprised me a little. I could guess, offcourse. He's a faggot, but he did talk stories concerning that he is a gay as if he talked about the weather outside. I knew it. He's so feminine- much more feminine than I am. Though a gay not always look sissy, somehow I can "sense" them even if they look masculine. This goes for lesbian too, she's not always look "macho" as a girl.
For me, a gay or normal are fine. This is only a matter of sex oriented, right? Just like my stupid philosophy : "Mind your own business". Kelemahan dan urusan kita sendiri juga banyak,... Ngapain juga ngeributin orang lain? Capek, pak!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Cleaning Day

This Morning
08.00 : The hard part begin as soon as I droped Nina to her school. I took the rug and all my stuff out of the room then moped the floor. I did call my office and told them that I'd come late today. Later, with a help from one guy here, we brought down one of a bed from the room upstair to my room and installed it. This time I need a bed instead of sleep with only a matress on floor, (It was really a hard work to bring that heavy wodden bed downstair) and on the second though- now I dont wanna use any carpets to cover the floor. So I sent my dirty wet carpet to the laundry across the street. Daripada cuma sekedar dijemur di genteng. Bauk. God, I really wish to have him around.
12.19 : Finally I'm done with the room. That was "pure" work-out, really took my strength and energy. I felt pain in every bones on my body. Hahahaa. But really, I didn't think that I'd be able to come to work anymore today. So tired... and I falled asleep again....

Yesterday Evening
It was a very bad rain today during the afternoon and we came home late. I had a bad feeling when I unlocked the door, and I was right. Once the door opened I stood there and looked at the mess on floor. My carpet, started from the corner, was wet. I'm not really a neat person anyway. Everything laid on my carpet were all wet. Papers, books, flatiron, ashtray, half the matress.... Damn. Maok marah banget liatnya. That was really a "homework" for me. And I was too tired to clean them now. Huh. I rent a lot of places many times for years. Good places- bad places. But this kind of experience just happened lastnight. Bener- bener musibah... Imagine. That night I slept with nina on the half dry part of the matress. Sad.......

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Laundry Day

Sunday Morning (not too early)
Really. It is still morning but it is so hot outside. Huh. I can't stand this heat. Good for my laundries but not for me. I'm sweating a lot. Swimming is nice, but step out of the house is not a good option for this moment. Ngapain? Udah garing begini masih maok kurang garing gimana lagi gue? Maybe I'll do that later of the day. So, I feel like I wanna back to bed again, but (again)..... that will only wasting my day time (actually this is what I do every Sunday. Only to Sleep. LOL). Now I think that is not wise. But I can not found anything better to do. Nina was tired and was asleep as soon as she came from school. I've done my laundry and cleaned the room about an hour ago.
Hhhmm,... ngapain ya?,... apa sih? hhmm... (keep thinking).
Ah! oke,.. oke,... okee,.. maybe I can watch the movie I bought yesterday and sleep again. I know is not wise ...... So, what?

Thursday, October 02, 2003

'Sepoi - sepoiii,.......
mood | Good
Music | Kitaro ^Lady of Dream^

Criminals. Is all that I always read and saw on the news thesedays. Kenapa sih orang2 pada makin beringas aja? Imagine if we're living in fun but peaceful,.......

12. 45 : oooohhh,.... ngantuk nih. Lemesss..... I think I could fall asleep here on this chair. what I better do now? Sleep? And let the boys caught me? No, thanks.
Hhmmm,... I wish you are with me now, hon. Then I sure know what better thing to do instead of starring to this monitor and feeling so drowsy. Dont ask!

Mood | Mellow
21. 20 : It is a "quiet" night again. Not so quiet ofcourse with the sounds coming from TV. Nina staying with mom tonight, and now I start to miss her voices, her laughter, her scent, and the most is with her "annoying" behaviour as usual. I dont undestand, when she is around I get a headache often. Okelah, dia memang sedikit nakal, but she is my little sunshine anyway. I love her. Things are'nt look bright without her around. She so full of life,....
I wondering when will she starting listen to me? God, I hope this is not a karma, oke?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

First Post

I still dont understand what is this blog means. Haahhaaahaa...

07. 25 : Start from this morning as usual I dropped Nina at school then went to work. Things went right. Too usual. And this is boring me. But I'm fine.

14.27 : Remon called. Two times already today. Gee, gue kangen banget sama dia, nih. What is he doing right at this moment? Kangen juga nggak dia sama gue? Hurry back, say!

This stupid handphone finally get the signal since I started turn it on in the morning. I thought the problem was with the handset, but I was wrong. Tapi memang sepertinya handphone gue minta diganti deh.

19.40 : D's Place : Yuni + Rosa.
Ah! So many too see. How I missed a lot of things. Where I have been hiding all this time? This is interesting. Men are normal, but middle age ladies here? Ibu2 dulu pada kemana aja sih? masih kurang? ...............hhhmm, kenapa juga gue pikirin?