Wednesday, October 01, 2003

First Post

I still dont understand what is this blog means. Haahhaaahaa...

07. 25 : Start from this morning as usual I dropped Nina at school then went to work. Things went right. Too usual. And this is boring me. But I'm fine.

14.27 : Remon called. Two times already today. Gee, gue kangen banget sama dia, nih. What is he doing right at this moment? Kangen juga nggak dia sama gue? Hurry back, say!

This stupid handphone finally get the signal since I started turn it on in the morning. I thought the problem was with the handset, but I was wrong. Tapi memang sepertinya handphone gue minta diganti deh.

19.40 : D's Place : Yuni + Rosa.
Ah! So many too see. How I missed a lot of things. Where I have been hiding all this time? This is interesting. Men are normal, but middle age ladies here? Ibu2 dulu pada kemana aja sih? masih kurang? ...............hhhmm, kenapa juga gue pikirin?

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