Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Uji Nyali di TV

My favorite Show this evening, "Uji Nyali", 22.00 on TransTV. Seru, Jack. I usually try (HAVE) to be home before the show. Oke, maybe you haven't seen this show, I'll tell you it is some kind of mental test. This TV crew will challenge one dare person to stay in a 'spooky' place from midnight 'till dawn, alone- offcourse. The TV crew have installed some cams and microphones around the spot to record all the activities during the time. When all's set, they will left the person there. * Please, dont pick me.
Believe it or not, from what they got on film taped I saw things happened during the tests. Orbs, shadows, mist, human siluets, or leaves moved by themselves. Yeah, yet not so convincing.... but at one episode of 2 weeks ago,.... hhuuhh,... that was really spooky when an old woman with a long white dress and a long straight hair cover her face suddenly appeared at the end of tunel where this challenge documented. Ppfff,....!! Then I became to like this a lot.

Btw, I read this old article about blair witch project and I kind of absorbed to this article. A true legend from a small village called Burkittsville, Maryland, with those unexplained things behind this interesting story.

Right. I got to admit that I'm a little obssesed to the unexplained things, misteries, or spooky things. They give me the creep. Ghost, spirits, evils, or whatever people may call them, I believe that they do exist, thought I have never confronted them myself. *Wow, I hope never....