Friday, October 17, 2003

At work

Edy came this morning to ask for my reference. He used to be one of the employee at my work. Guess what? He brought me some bananas! Can you believe this?? I'm insulted. Dia kira gue monyet kali ya? Hehheehehhee,... Emang dasar aneh itu anak. But anyway, I missed the moment we worked together. He used to be funny, noisy, but friendly.

Dengan sedikit 'terpaksa', abis gue bosen juga sih ngeliatnya, gue coba ngerapiin sedikit web Alumni. Lagian juga nggak ada berita dan kabar baru. Kan males lhooo.... maok diapain? Besides, they never participating enough, so dont counting on me, okey?

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