Thursday, September 09, 2004

A bomb exploded. once again.

That day was a shiny morning around 10 am, I was just stepped out from a cab when I felt the earth was shaking along with a big blast sounds from I didn't know where. I stood there where I was. Stunned. *What the h*** was that?* I was not the only one who was taken a back at that moment. Within a second I saw people coming out to the street with puzzle looked in their eyes like mine. Most of them were looked at the sky and I heard some people were mentioned something about a bomb explotion but they didn't know where yet.
What a fool I was! I didn't thought about a bomb. I thought that it might be the effects when people bringing down the building- somewhere nearby. *moron*
When I got into my office, everyone told me about how the building- walls and windows, were shaking hard while all the lamps were all blinking. But the lights was not out. Then the news spread very quick that some bastards has exploded the Australian Embassy at Kuningan. Wow! I'm sure this one was bigger than the expotion last year at JW Mariott Hotel because we all could feel and hear it from here- at a distance. But another bomb? Again?
I dont understand. Whoever did this- they are only a bunch of cowards! For whom the bomb were supposed to? To all civilians? Do they think what they doing is fun? If they would trying to attack western people, just do it right there in their countries! Not here! *Well, ofcourse I'm not serious, sure I dont want this happend anywhere in the world. I just dont understand why those people doing this*
I cursed the persons who did that! And may later you all rest in hell for eternity.

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