Friday, March 12, 2004

Fell Asleep

There is nothing to tell except that it is raining again this midday. C'est une chose ennuyeuse à dire. How I wish that I'm in my bedroom at this moment. Bed gue,... selimut gue,... tutup mata gue,... (and he lay next to me, eh? LOL!) semua terbayang-bayang dipelupuk mata. C'est si agréable si je suis là maintenant. What a nice! Sleeping is always nice when the weather is bad outside. In my case, sleeping is always nice anytime, in any kind of weather, anyday. * No, sorry is not true. I always stay awake in the evening to the morning actually *. Gue kan vampire, cuma gue nggak doyan darah aja. Doyannya duit, matre. Wek!
Ah, tapi di rumah siang2 mana gue bisa tidur.... nanti baru maok merem, tiba2 "mamiii... can you help me doing this? can we play ladder snake? Can you please make me some milks?" And so on. Pasti. Don't worry, things are not always going as you wished when you have children. Remember that, oke? I have only one, but the super-active one. She has my character and some of my bad habits already. Oh, nooo... This might be my karma!

"An! An! Bangun heeeh,... belepotan tuh! Ikut ronda loe semalem?" What? I've falled asleep again on my desk??
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