Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Today's Story

Today's Morning Story
I took a regular bus to my work this morning. And since we have Trans Jakarta now, thank God, regular buses are not so awfully crowded anymore. Great. Now I dont mind to take a bus when I'm not in a hurry. Hhhm, oke back again, since the bus was not so fulled with people, I got a seat next to the window and the seat next to me was the only seat available at that moment. Good. I always enjoy to feel the wind blows. Everything seemed fine.

At one point, the bus stopped. A very big lady tried to get into the bus. I mean it. A VERY BIG TALL FAT LADY *I started to get nervous that moment*. WOW!! Ini orang apa bukan? "And she's going to sit next to me! She's going to sit next to me!" I knew it because this seat was the only seat left. I noticed that she got a little trouble only to get into the bus door. OMG, she's definitely BIG! I don't exaggerating this, this is NOT a joke, but that lady is not only overweight, but she's as well as oversize too! Her butt is soooo huge! She needs one seat for resting each of her cheekbutt. She could make me dissapeared easily between her butt! Damn! VERY HUGE BUTT.

Yup, as I did predict before, she sat next to me. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! OMG.... help meee, pls! I never hate people, I never against- nor discriminating fat people. But that was a one weird situation for me. I sat next to a lady of 200 kgs & 178 cm tall (I guess) which I'm only 160 and 43 kgs! See what I mean? I felt like a baby monkey sitting next to a mama hippopotamus! And she simply pressed me tight to the window. I did sit less than half space of my seat. Waaa... If I sat on the other side, she could just drop me on floor. People stared at me with a pity looked on their face, and some looked at me with amused. I wanted to cry! Shoot her! Shoot her!

A 15 mnts drive seemed like hours for me. Later when I wanted to get out I, dont need to tell how much effort did she take only to lean her body aside on the seat *she thinks herself thin or what?* But then she realized that I still couldn't get out from my seat yet, she tried so hard to stand up. *Yup! Move on!* Finally, I could stepped out of the bus and can breath normal again with some pain on my body and crumple clothes. Aaaarrrgghhh!! What a nightmare!

*** Je suis malade, mon front brûle de fièvre.
Mais pourquoi l'écrire ? ça va pas faire tomber ma fièvre tout ça....

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